Evoking human potential for Greatness

‘Heart of Leadership’ supports organizations, leaders, teams and individuals with developing personal leadership qualities. This begins by taking responsibility for our own life, followed by the interaction with other people, at work, at home and all the places in between.

Training programs, workshops, lectures, lessons

and 1 to 1 sessions, ageless wisdom, ancient exercises and the latest tools for personal leadership are all used to encourage the best in oneself.

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A Journey to the Heart of Leadership

This journey connects purpose, people and performance.

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Soul-Mirror (lecture)

The Soul Mirror neatly organized into sections that allow you to have a nice training and book.

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Mindfulness (training)

‘Everybody benefits of mindfulness’, ‘you have to have tried mindfulness, even if it’s only once in your lifetime’  Minfulness creator Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Meditation (workshop 1-2 hours)

“The most beautiful present you can give yourself!”

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The 7 Universal laws of success

A one day workshop about inner leadership: “Success is a journey, not a destination”

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This motivating, informative and interactive program aims to tackle stress and demotivation in your organization.

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A motivational performance supported with life music.

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“The biggest communication problem is that we don’t listen to understand, we listen to reply”.

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Wealth Management

We like to define personal goals and objectives, a key element is to understand what it means to become “Financial Independent” and once achieved how to protect your wealth and chosen lifestyle.

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The biggest communication problem is…

…we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.

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“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way,….

…ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”
-Deepak Chopra-

‘Heart of Leadership’ encourages leadership qualities in every person so that each person feels responsible for his/her own goals and values and those of the company. The new leader leads through example. He/she walks her talk. Nowadays a leader takes energy from an authentic power, is mindful, flexible, and full of vitality. Somebody who, despite the pressures from outside, can transform negative energy to positive and has sufficient inner strength.

Somebody who can tap into an inner field of pure potential and from an authentic power can complete tasks and manifest her/his wishes and those of others.

Personal power, vitality, flexibility, involvement and strength come from a balance between thinking, feeling and action. Balance starts within.

‘Heart of leadership’ works with an integrated approach focussing on the development of balance between head, heart and body. When someone feels good in their skin, not only does he/she function better personally, but also he/she can make a positive difference to their environment.

Training programs, workshops, lectures, lessons and 1 to 1 sessions, ageless wisdom, ancient exercises and the latest tools for personal leadership are all used to encourage the best in oneself.

‘Heart of Leadership’ would like to accompany you in the areas of mindfulness, energy management, stress management, inner leadership, both EQ and IQ, purpose, ‘the 7 Universal Laws of Success’ (Deepak Chopra), soul mirror , teambuilding, communication and goals.

‘Heart of Leadership’ is connected to the ‘Red Zebra Group’. In this group purpose, people and performance are always connected/related to each other


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Heart of Leadership

‘’Unlocking the potential for greatness’'

A healthy, happy lifestyle

We know everyone needs support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated.
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Soul Mirror

Have a close look at yourself

Find The Answers

You are taken on a journey to the eyes as a mirror of the soul.
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‘Everybody benefits of mindfulness’

Suitable for everybody

Mindfulness is about attention. Where you attention is, that’s where you are.
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Testimonials From Around The Globe

People everywhere are loving Heart of Leadership and we thrive off their feedback. See below for a small selection.

“Dorien is a wonderful teacher, I really recommend her”


Deepak Chopra,

MD, author

“Inspiring session of exercises and eye openers, which has broadened our understanding and gave us energy to face the challenges.”


Henk Jan Meijer,

Communications Manager

“Apart from the fact that I felt mentally kilos lighter, your coaching has had many positive effects on my decisions”


F. Gulje,


“Dorien is a yoga teacher in the “beyond category”


Wouter Deelman,

Founder and CEO Qelp

“I am very grateful that she displayed a lot of patience in teaching me the benefits and practice of meditation….”


Jeroen M. Tielman,

Founder and CEO IMQ Investment Management B.V

“Dorien holds high values and I admire her integrity”


Liesbeth Bakker,

Owner at Bliz Events & Bliz Wellness

“Your series of lessons about vital life made a deep impression on me and has started my development”


Danielle Sinniger


“I am very grateful for your incredible love and flexibility in everything. it creates so much relaxation… ”



“Primordial Sound Meditation has brought me a moment of rest. My sleep problem is vastly improved ”


Koks-Chihiro Kobayashi,

IT specialist

People are the key to the success of an organization.

In these days of fast changes and competition there is a lot of pressure on companies and their employees. Sometimes the tension is clearly noticeable and sometimes it’s just below the surface. Solutions don’t arrive by waiting for them. Real growth and change in the working environment can not be achieved just from a higher management level. New leadership means that every person in a company takes responsibility, develops as a leader and feels connected.

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